Monday, December 15, 2008

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Humbling Experiences- 2

Its really amazing how life can show u 2 paradoxical emotions in the same day. At one moment you see joy like none other when you get news that one of your best friends is getting engaged and the next you hear that one of your close friends died due to a cardiac arrest.

The whirlpool of emotions leaves you so numb in the head that you can not think straight, you can barely talk and each and every thing happening around you confuses you. You start to talk absolute nonsense, you snap at your sister and have a huge fight where she starts to wonder what the hell is wrong with you when all she was doing is asking you if you're handling it ok.

And then you just go crazy and have an argument with one of you're best friends because of your very own stupidity!!!

I really dont know the point of this post... if any of you get it... explain it to me!!!


There are some emotions, sometimes can't be expressed...!!!

We feel them, we want to explain them to others but words fail to do so,
even though we try to explain, others cannot experience/feel what we have are going through...!!!!

and then suddenly we end up realizing, what was is all about?

I am also going through the same feeling, which I can't explain...!!

"Life" is never a smooth sea. It is always filled with rough path which we have to be passed. Life is perfect only in the movies probably.
I think you should think about the situation with cool mind & let your brain guide your Heart.! I know its easy to utter these words but difficult to act. But still, am attempting to tell you what could be done.! At last, the bad times never last long & though the loss is irreversible,time may heal it to some extent. Remember,"Only change is a constant thing in the Life".

very familiar emotions i must say..
the fact of the matter is , that u always want to think of urself as un-invadable or maybe tough as a rock.. when u're not.. in fact no one is..
the point is that u really don't wanna talk about a thing when everyone does and u snap like a twig at every instance...
instead of letting others do what u really actually don't want em to.. step away.. from life even for a lil while and u'll feel better in your own company.. solitude is always better than loneliness..
emotions betray u .. but so does eveything else..