Friday, December 5, 2008

India!!! My land!!!

In the legendary Trojan war, The War Of Troy as many may know it, Troy was unbeatable for her walls were impenetrable. But as the legend goes, Troy was in ashes when Achilles and his Myrmidons breached her walls with deceit.

Today i feel like a trojan. My beautiful country has been attacked by outsiders. They entered my land and are burning my land, killing my people and attempting to intimidate us by fear.

In the Trojan War, the entire Greece had to unite to bring down Troy. I think we should learn a little something from them. We should all unite, shed our differences, and come together as one. For, our enemy is not one of us, it is an outsider and the fear that they are enforcing upon us.

I refuse to live a life of fear. Around 260 years ago, the British invaded us, and we succumb to the fear. It took us 200 years to gather the strength to overthrow them. I refuse to let that happen again. This time round we will not succumb to the fear. We will not turn the other cheek. We will hit them back, and hit them hard.

The entire world is aware of the real source of this violence. I say we kill the gaddam source. For once and for all, India will have to end this game that has taken more lives than it can afford. We care more of how the rest of the world will react if we fight back, but the rest of the world is not seeing thier own people die innocently, we are. So I say to hell with what others think. We have to fight back. And in a way, that they will never stand back up.

I am a muslim and these attacks have nothing to do with my religion. If anything its attacking my religion as well. There was a muslim wedding going on in The Taj the day of the blast. Do you think that these terrorists care if the one dying by thier RDX is a hindu or a muslim? No. They are attacking Indians. And we need it to stop.

How many more lives will have to go before we get the balls to stop this?? I say, KILL THEM!!! And end this wicked game once and for all!!!!


A very well put down article yaar it shows ur role in gettin the country united cheers !!!! to ya keep up the good work

Nice pretty nice but not quite accurate..fir an instance the wedding was going on in oberoi's, secondly kill them all then what about the innocent people living there including some of our own..what u need to do is eradicate the goverment and political rule totally and takeover and make it all as a single part like it was before..
I dont say the article wasnt good as the example was good but what you have to understand is the greeks attacking on troy were all soldiers and the attack which you are talking about mostly consists of innocent people who have no hand in think about them 2 and hakim what the hells wrong with u jst generally..

ok murtaza.. ur rite bout the oberois... a mistake... but eradicating politians is not the answer... thats a secondary concern as of now... v have to deal with the external enemy as of now...
an also... very importantly.. there are no OUR people in pakistan.. OUR people r the ones who died in Mumbai!!!

Dear friend,
I can understand your sheer anger.
Have you ever given a thought that of what age these attackers were.
Very very young but still they did this inhuman act, none of their bullet knew who was a Muslim who was Hindu or was Jews.
I object your statement saying that there are no our people in Pakistan. they are also suffering form the same trauma. DO you remember the attack on Marriot….
As you say kill them, tell me will this end the terror.
It will only plant more hatred and the hatred will cause more terror.
There was a little 2 yrs kid, who lost his parents in the attack on Nariman house,
if in future he becomes one of them whom will we blame?
killing terrorist won’t do any good my friend it’s the thought process behind it which needs to be eradicated...

Now it's time for change, it's a wake up call...

i agree that the thought process has to be eradicated. And yes it might lead to anger. but do tel me... we have endured for years.. trying to win love with hatred... but it hasnt worked. we try to follow the humanitarian approach... but do the others? no, and we are at loss!!! Do tel me... how will u change the mentality?? how will u stop this??

If we too do the same whats the difference between them and us...

We will kill them they will kill us,
Eye for an eye is surely gona make this world blind....

Hate and killing is not the solution. The times are changing, mentalities are changing, tell me who wants war...
we common people don't want it neither the common people across the border,they too are human like us. Never ever war was the solution neither it will be.

It's not the terrorist from outside the border but we in India also are feeding the terrorist, what will you say when North Indians were beaten in mumbai, was it different from the recent terrorist attack.
What was Malegaon Blast?
what was Godhra,
what was Ayodhya...!!!

These are handful of people,
we need to eradicate them they are real threat....!!!

Thought process can be changed, change our ( so called) leaders, youth should lead India now, people like you who really wants to change should contribute.

We need young India....!!!

Remember what Obama Says

"Yes We Can.....!!!!"

The difference between them and us yogesh is that they started it... and we are going to end it. its true that India also has a few flaws.. and i think that those people also have to be dealt with... i am suggesting a little bit of violence... to end a long chain.. till when will we try our limits yogesh... living in fear.. cuz v will never take the offensive and always have to be defensive.. would you like to raise a child in a world where one man with a huge ego just continues terrorising in the name of goddam religion... maybe you should read the post more carefully and read between a few lines there... its not just about my anger... its about pay back!!!

More so... you want the youth to take over?? today's youth.. that was more aware about obama's electoal speech than about our own political situation... one that wud rather move out of india than actually work to change the situations here...

all the best with that!!!

An eye for an eye leaves the entire world blind!

What we need now is to strengthen ourselves. Unite as a nation. Become aware of our responsibility.

This will lead to electing a good government with a strong foreign policy and good disaster management facilities.

Dear Rashu,

I have read the post and that’s why I am posting my comment,
As you say it's little bit of violence, first explain me what is little bit of violence……!!!

More than 2,000 people died in riot throughout India. after Ayodhya, more than a thousand people were killed in the violence after the train incident in godhara, leaving more than 800 women widow and 500 children orphaned. Hindu mob attacked Muslims and Muslim mob attacked Hindus According to an official estimate, 1044 people were killed in the violence - 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus including those killed in the Godhra train fire. Another 223 people were reported missing, 2,548 injured, 919 women widowed and 606 children orphaned. with Muslims forming a high proportion of those killed whereas actual number killed in train burn was far less.
so do you call this little bit of violence?
Not violently fighting back doesn’t mean that this country is impotent.
I only ask is, will war solve our problems, if war was the answer why did Asoka gave up everything when he conquered.
I ask a simple question, if someone enters our house and stabs in front of our family members, where as family members are fighting with each other on who left the door open to let the outsider in, instead of saving the member of family, doesn’t it says that we are weak as a family that’s why outsider dared to enter. or should we keep on fighting and blaming each other for the door left open.
Ok for once lets consider that we will end Pakistan, tell me, whom are we gonna kill. Is every Pakistani terrorist, is every Muslim a terrorist in India, or is every Hindu a patriot here. who are you gonna kill, every Pakistani…..!!!! the new born who doesn’t even know what religion he belong to, which part of world he is in, the infant who has the same cute smile as any other child around the glob. the women who is the mother, you are gonna kill someone’s’ father brother who, whom are you gonna kill dam it…. we will only plant more and more hatred in there heart and one day they will plan to kill us, will this killing ever stop. I don’t say that I am afraid of war, I just want to ask are we ready to face, digest, and accept the outcome of that war….!!!
this remind me of my poem ‘Christ and Buddha’ which I wrote long back
Buddha and the Christ,
Ram and the Rahim,
all at the camp fire
were discussing
what worship is?
with vegetarian Kabaabs
in hands,
Ram said
"People worship me
but I don't know why
their was a massacre
in December
Rahim Said
" I am unaware of Jihad"
Buddha kept quite,
Reservations are still concern
Christ said
"God forgive them
for they don't know,
what they are doing..."

Its election time again...!!!!
well I would sincerely like to thank you for wishing me good luck for having faith and trust in today’s youth. I know that youth has fire, just what needed is to channelize it in proper direction. today we need leaders who can stand up and speak, speak language of love, oneness and one world. not those so called “YUVA NETAS” who call themselves as caretaker of their princely state. is every youth leaving India and going behind dollar dreams…!!
You are still here my friend, with the fire wanting change, there are many other such, only thing is we are ignorant. what we need is to unite get together….
Think, it’s time for change……!!!

hey rashida.... obviously the blog u worte is wat every indian wud feel... specially endinf this whole game thing... but i wonder if u know how vast, dirty and big this whole thing is to even realise that there is an end to the whole thing... it wud be a perfect world if it ends.... and there is nothing perfect in this world.....