Friday, January 17, 2014

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Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin TUS- An Angel Departs

Priest, guru, leader, father figure mentor... Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin fit every title.

Always smiling and leading through example, Huzurala was respected by everyone. So clear and strong was his aura that merely remembering or thinking of Aqa Moula seemed enough to fight life's battles.

Moula preached good humanity above all else. Charity was something he always emphasized on. He also often asked people to give Charity anonymously. He always respected happiness above sorrow. So much so, that merely three days after his beloved wife's death, he performed samuh-nikah. Often when people contemplated delaying a Happy occasion in light of a sad event, he guided them to celebrate the joy instead.

Aqa moula ensured that every dawoodi Bohra house had education of deen as well as duniya. He always prayed that mumeneen have success in both. For a religious head, such practicality was uncanny. Encouraging women's education and respect, moula made sure that no mumena felt bad about being a woman, or is wronged in any way!

Aqa moula was truly an angel, now in his heavenly abode, he continues to shower his love on his children.

I thank God for giving me such as leader and his blessings; and for now, at 101 years of age, taking him away from his illness and to jannat forever.

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his age is 102...and next month was to complete 103

At fatema C he was 101 according to gregorian calendar and 102 according to Misri calendar