Tuesday, April 29, 2014

True Grit and Determination

How often do you say to yourself that you would have accomplished something had "circumstances been a certain way"? 

Here is a person who has fought the "circumstances"!

From a remote village in Rajasthan, this boy rented a laari, serving pani-puri that surpasses the best quality in the city. From the income of the laari, he funded an all-India tour for his parents. He bought a nice flat in the metropolis for his family. He also completed his graduation and is now planning on pursuing his BEd so that he can stop serving pani-puri and help others in his village get educated. 

This incident created a very important impression in my mind. We live life expecting things to be a certain way. We believe that ONLY THEN we will be happy in life. Is it true? Can't we find happiness in the simplicities of life? Can't we make our dreams come true by fighting our circumstances and making them "fit us"

If life wouldn't have had those circumstances that create barriers for us, how would we learn how to over come them and be better versions of who we are? 

Swayam vichar kijiye!