Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014's First

I know that this year will be different. Why? Because i type this very post while ensuring that my son-Burhanuddin, stays asleep.

The last year changed my life. I went through pregnancy, labor, delivery and even post partum depression. Looking back, i know that the oxytocin has done its job right. I have forgotten the pain, but remember the emotion.

I am now a working mother. Its a little tough at times, but as the days if 2014 pass, it will seem easier.

My resolution in 2014 is to stay innovative and determined. The firsts i face will be tiring and crazy tough. But i have to survive them... No... I have to enjoy them!

I'm going to start my year by giving the love of my life a big ol' smooch! Living every moment of happiness to the fullest! What about you?

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A very Happy New Year to You!!! I landed on your blog and found it very interesting! Wishing you and your family tons of happiness :)