Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Cafe of the Month

Fun, different, vibrant and full of energy… Coffee Culture lives up to its name and makes it to the Café of the Month position!
Its that time of the day when you can’t think of anything to do? Do you want to unwind and just chill out? Then hop into your vehicle (or the one you may have rented) and head straight to Commerce Six Road, Navrangpura. There awaits an experience you will truly cherish and enjoy.
In Swapneel 5, get into the glass doors with Coffee Culture written over it in bold black and blue colors.
Coffee Culture offers a myriad of coffee types, smoothies, milk shakes, sandwiches, burgers, breads and even salads. Not only will you not realize the hours that will pass you by, your conversation may suddenly get interrupted with people cheering “go go go go…”!
That is one thing that makes the coffee experience at coffee culture exhilarating. Now, I am sure you may have had a Kamakazee shot before, but at a coffee shop? I don’t think so. “Captain Gogo” the (heavily tattooed) bartender will pour the Gogo or Kamakazee shot down your throat directly from the shaker. Not only will it give you a head rush, but his little exercise of (quite literally) spinning your head, will leave you disoriented for a few moments. Mind you, these shots are completely non-alcoholic and safe in all ways.
If you are too anxious and want to pass on the shot, not to worry, the exhilaration from the entire café chanting is enough to give you an excitement buzz. Besides, the eats and drinks at the café are enough to keep you satisfied and happy. The smiling waiters and the interactive way of serving will not make you feel left out even if you are enjoying some time on your own.
How empty it leaves your wallet is up to you. Though reasonably priced, Coffee Culture is not a place of those who are travelling on a tight budget. However, save some up and have a coffee at our café of the month. Trust us, you will not regret it.

Wherever you may be from, at Coffee Culture you see a side of Ahmedabad that you may have not seen before. The energy, the spirit and the amazing ambience is reason enough for you to make a trip back there again! More so, every time you walk out that door, you will be smiling (may be a little too wide) and thinking of another time to come back!