Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Ahmedabadis Abroad

“You cannot get the same taste and flavor anywhere else in the world” says Amdavadi Ricky Dharani when speaking about his love for the city food.

Ahmedabadis all over the world are known for their ambition and drive. One such ambitious and driven Ahmedabadi, Mr. Ricky Dharani, let go of his attachment to the city and moved on to find greener pastures. Currently settled in the USA, Mr. Dharani spoke to me and shared his love and marvel for the city.

Mr. Dharani, thank you for sharing your views with our readers. Could you tell us since when you have been in the US?
I have been here since 2002. It has been long!

Just so our readers are reminded of how successful ahmedabadis get when they choose a field, what do you do?
I am a Business Sales Manager at Alstom Power. I lead sales of Gas Turbine and Power Train equipment for North America region which includes Canada, USA, and Mexico.

You are a hard core Ahmedabadi, so why did you leave the city? We are sure you miss it.
I left Ahmedabad, to gain international experience and support my career aspiration. I miss Ahmedabad a lot and wish I can return back sooner than later.

How often do touch base back?
Ideally, I would wish to visit every two years. But till date, my visits have been 5 years apart.

What is the one this that you miss the most about ahmedabad?
Like anyone from this city, the thing I loved and miss the most is the delicious amdavadi food. Whatever you do, you cannot get the same taste and flavor anywhere else in the world.

So whenever you visit the city, other than spending time with family, which places do you make it a point to visit?
I am a food lover, so all my favorite food joints... Pani puri at vijay chaar rasta, dal wada at commerce college, omelette at Ravindra near university, maska bun at tea stall at LD College, mirch masala restaurant, meat at bhattiyar gali, and many more places.

Whenever someone moves away from a city, everytime they visit it back, they find so many changes. Do you think the city has changed?
City has changed a lot and in good way. The mass transportation has become better, much cleaner, nice upscale restaurant, good Internet accessibility, great malls, and a lot of fun places to hang with friends and family. Few things that has not changed which I appreciate is amazing heart-warming Amdavadis, culture, and craze of festivals especially Navratri, Makar Sankranti, and Diwali.

Reminiscing about your time in the city, which memories do you think of the most?
The time I spent with friends at school (shout out to Aroma and AG High school), spending evenings and all day weekends playing cricket on streets and play grounds, and the fun times of Uttrayan..."Kai po Che" are some of the memories I will cherish throughout my life.

Well Mr. Dharani, we wish you all the best for your endeavors and hope that once you have achieved your goals you come back home soon!