Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Ahmedabad Weather Forecast for June and July

While travelling it is essential to be aware of the weather conditions that will face you when you reach the destination. In Ahmedabad, travelling in the months of June and July can be difficult.
While June sees suffocating heat and cloudy skies, July sees sudden showers. If you have decided to back pack and be out on the road for a majority of your trip, you are in for some of nature’s harsh lessons.
June and July see a slight slowdown in business throughout the city due to hesitation on part of the locals to venture out. Let’s not forget, Ahmedabadi’s are laid back people who value their comforts. So, if you want to be out shopping and eating, you will not have a problem finding reservations and discounts. The nights are quite busy nonetheless. You can venture out post sunset and enjoy your shopping and eating sprees around the town.
The end of June is sweaty. We suggest you keep your hand baggage to the least and put on your business blazers only when you are in the air conditioned comfort of the meeting spot or your vehicle. If you are using local transport, brace yourselves. However, ahmedabadi rickshaw drivers are sweet and will keep you distracted with conversations and complaints, throughout.
 If you are a back packer and want to experience the life in pols, let us tell you that at night, many ahmedabadis prefer to go green, ditch their AC bedrooms and sleep under the stars on their terraces on khaats. It is fun, and if you have the patience, you should try it out.
The start of July has mostly seen a few down pours. Not all rain showers are the kinds you can dance in. We suggest staying indoors if you are around for the first shower of the season. Post that, go out and enjoy the rains!
Despite the rains, the weather tends to remain warm and sticky.