Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Books on the Move- Reads for you to catch if your travelling this month

While traveling, whatever reason you may be traveling for, one always has sometime when they have nothing to observe, and too many thoughts in the mind to actually sit down and reflect upon. At such times, while local radio may not be available, one can always carry along a book. Books, help you escape while you escape and find yourself while you explore. Here is a list of 5 best books (in no order of preference) that you can read while you travel.
1.       The Orange Hangover: Written by Rahul Saini, this book is light but covers a lot of dark and deep concepts. The reason why we suggest it to you is because it brings a new concept to light. The idea of one living in the shadow of really really good times, and not seeing the charm of a few difficulties. It isn’t a long read, and great while you are on the move.
2.       Around the World in 80 days: Yes, you must have seen the movie based on this Jules Verne book. Around the word in 80 days is the perfect book to read while travelling. Why? Because the protagonist and his loyal assistant Passepartout are travelling around the world too. So while you make you modern day explorations and find yourself in your travels, read how Phileas Fogg finds friendship, love, danger, life and a little bit of death in his escapades too.
3.       Rabbit Stew and a Penny for Two: Maggie Smith-Bendell, through her writing in this book has shared lovely anecdotes, memories and even songs that she came across as a Romani Traveler. She has shared her Gypsy/Traveler ideals and sought to create awareness about such ethnic groups in the book. If traveling is you drug, this just may be your chillum.
4.       Meeting Shiva: Written by small time author Jennie Kakkad, this short novella is a great way to bust out of your depression and blues. Why do we suggest it to travelers? There are often times while you travel, that you don’t find a friend around. You want to confide, but there is just no one. This book can help guide you through the inner dilemmas and come out a positive person, a winner. The book isn’t available at many book stores. But you can surely find it easily online!

5.       One Night Stand: Written by Tasneem Sara, One Night Stand is a story of a girl finding the happiness and love of a lifetime while she is on one particular trip. The story revolves around how the protagonist goes to Goa with a friend on a crazy adventure, finds the man of her dreams and a nightmare that will kill her. A short novella it is for sure, but worth a read!