Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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Somehow, Something, Somewhere!!!

Well, my favorite brother and I had a row a while back, it was a bad time. He is very important to me, and some how, he is a part of the family. Well, the fight is over, and we are back to being great! He has his frustrations, and I shared with him the solution that I use, myself- to write. Well he has also started a blog, and he writes quite well. I am quite proud of him for taking this step!

I have not updated my articles list for a while now... but there are way over a hundred and I don't think any one would be interested in such a long list. Although, there are a few articles that I would love to have people read. Here is a list of those. 

Well, just because these articles are listed, does not mean that the others are any less important to me. In fact, there are many articles that would make a good read too. So, it will be great if my dear readers check them out and comment (because comments make me happy).

As for my personal life, things are going great, still waiting for an opportunity for something in print media. Honestly, I would make an awesome columnist, only if I am given the chance!! Is any one reading this??

My book, is coming along terribly, because of my BA semester exams, I am not getting any time to sit and write, and sadly, I don't see my self getting any time in the near future. So, ya, things are looking a little grim on that front!

For all those people who are losing hope or getting very frustrated lately, here is a solution, do things that you love. Don't care about what people think and how people will react. Listen to your heart, and it is the best GPS devise for life's routes! This is where i sign off, as of now!! Happy Republic day every one!! Jai hind!!


Well thank you..nice articles continue the work..nd rembr u dnt need lik lng tim to write just whnevr u hv lik 10-15 mins at nit or in aftrnun jst sit nd write a few lines k..nd yes happy republic day 2 u 2..

thanks guys... mujju for the book, i need to invest consistent and a long stretch of time.. 5- 10 minutes wont do for me!!

thanks ebu!!