Sunday, January 10, 2010

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Things change, people change. Why is that not always a good thing? 

With me, it has always been a lot of friends, very close. They all have me on their side, whenever they need me. but then, why is it, that in the time of need, I am hesitant to ask for help. When it comes to directions on the road, I am the first person to ask for the route or the directions. Seriously, before it is confirmed that I am on the wrong route, i will correct it by asking someone. 

I am in a blabbering mood today. But then, why is it that when there is someone to blabber to, I prefer to listen, rather than talk? I don't know!! My buzzle widget is talking about my belief in fairy tales, and the belief that my prince charming is on the way. Yes, i am waiting for him. But call it my pessimism or realism i don't know, but i am not really waiting with baited breath. 

Too many a thought. So many questions. Finally have a plot ready for my book, but don't know when I will finally sit down to write it. May be I just need a week long isolation to sort it out and get done with it. 

Why have people stopped commenting on my buzzle articles?? May be that is the reason why I am less motivated off late, or it could be certain people in my office, you never know. But, yes, colleagues resigning, all for one reason (person) can be an annoying state of affairs. Why doesn't the reason resign and set us free from this 6 days a week purgatory? Don't get me wrong, I love my work and my organization, but some people can very clearly ruin a work experience for you, isn't it!

Any ways, I need to get some sleep. Its annoying that I can't go running these days. It is too bloody cold in the morning to get out of the blanket. So pray that my resistance to cold increases, so I can finally start running. This is where I sign off!! Over and out!!

P.S.: For any writer, feedback on their writing (comments) is the ultimate reward!! Take the hint!! Read this article and comment!!


Super. You've got the gift..dont get demotivated..
Good Luck

time will heal you, change will happen for good also... :)

hey rash you are an awsum writer and i read your articles and they are awsum so get motivated again...... and we are with you whenever you need us.... so cheers

rash u knw ur fan...ur the best writer :))

hanks everyone.. but i hope you'll noticed that "this article" in the P.S is a hyperlink.. check out that article. It is my one of my favorites!!