Thursday, December 31, 2009

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The end... or is it?

As this year comes to an end I cannot help but ponder back to how it has been. Yes it has come with is humongous set of downs, but how can i ignore the ups it got with it as well. 

The year started at a tragic note for me. The unbreakable trio, broke. It no longer exists. I cannot help but state today, that this night of the year, is destroyed because of lost friendship. Akshay, Prateek, you both still mean the world to me. You'll are my best (male) friends, and will always remain so. This year has also showed me several farewells. Pune is not the same without all the people who left this year. Yes, all of you, you'll know whom I am talking about. I have seen sides of life that I was (I hate to admit) very naively ignorant about.

I guess, that is one of the reasons why I loved this year! I met, probably, the best set of colleagues in this year. I (finally) realized my dream of being a published author. I made friends, got appreciation for my talent and had loads of fun, all under the roof of my office. In fact, I have also ended up coming up with several book concepts, that you all should find materialized in the coming years. My best gal pal found her prince charming, and had her dream wedding. I cannot help but share her joy in this case (even if it meant her leaving pune). My gorgeous sister took her step into a new chapter in her life, and gave me the glory of stepping into mine as well!

I have been blessed with happiness, as well as adversity this year. I have gained enlightenment, and learnt a lot about my self. Tears, smiles, nervousness and anxiety, I have enjoyed every bit of all these emotions and more. There is so much more that my fingers are itching to type, but i am lost for words. All I can say is the 2009 has been like a glorious roller coaster ride. I guess I was right about it in my first post of the year, 2008-2009

Now that we are getting closer to armageddon year (2012) I want to thank everybody in my life. Whether you are good to me or bad, you have been instrumental in making me what I am (I am pretty sure I am a fairly good person). Thank you all so so much. Look forward to reading more from me in the coming year, hopefully, in print!

This is where I sign off for tonight, I have a slumber party to get to! Have fun, and don't do something I wouldn't do! Happy new year!!

P.S: The pic is of the Celtic tree of life. Gorgeous ain't it?