Sunday, June 1, 2014

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Just good business

Have you seen the documentary about WWE and WCWs Monday night TRP war?

If you haven't, then you ought to. Its all about "good business".

While WCW was all out taking WWEs superstars and audience alike with their cheap tricks and unethical ways, WWE kept their hair clean and eyes on the ball. If WCW took a superstar, they created new ones. No matter what cheap trick WCW took up, WWE kept their ways simple, ethical and clean.

The result? Even though for a considerable period of time WCW took a chunk out of WWEs TRPs and popularity, their antics weren't sustainable. Down the line, WWEs simple and ethical ways sustained the competition and finally, took over WCW, got their superstars back, hired the WCW owner and then publicly fired him.

That's what business is. It's a marathon, not a sprint. And only ethical business can sustain and win in a Marathon.

So, you can poach my talent, poison my clients and try to sabotage my work. But, down the line, know that its me who is gonna whip your unethical ass!!!