Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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Of WWDC, iPhones and Macs

Okay, i admit, there was a time (a few hours back) when i thought that an iPhone or iPad or Mac is no big deal. I mean, why spend so much when the stuff is basically the same, right?

Wrong! Completely wrong! 

It was after monitoring WWDC 2014 that i got to know why iPhone lovers are so loyal.

I was covering WWDC for a client and as such it was a deep observation and deeper analysis that had to be done. 

Here are a few really cool things that were introduced at WWDC 2014!

1. OS X Yosemite is awesome! it has some really great features that allow an amazing interface, awesome apps and something unique called Continuity. 
The interface focuses mainly on iconography which adds a great deal of value to the viewers. Third party widgets can now be integrated into the notification pane. The dark screen feature, for those who focus more on the center of the screen is also a welcome change in Yosemite. 
2. iCloud Drive... which is basically a hard drive in the cloud. Sharing heavy files just got really easy!
3. Safari has gone simpler but more effective.
4. Markup allows photo editing while in the mail.
5. Handoff allows to check and reply to messages and answer calls on their Mac if their iPhone is close by! This is so cool! infact, if you are typing the email on your phone and are close to the mac, it will prompt you to complete that email on your PC instead. Continuity rock!
6. You can remote activate your iPhone hotspot from your Mac itself. 
7. Yosemite is currently available for developers and will be released to the world in Fall 2014!
8. iOS 8 is finally here!
9. In iOS 8 one can reply to texts or like a status update from the notifications itself. infact it can be done with the lock screen as well. 
10. You can simply double tap and get access to key contacts.
11. If you are typing a mail, and want to check your inbox in the midst of it, you can simply swipe out of the mail you are composing, peak into your inbox and get back to the mail you were typing!
12. iOS 8 has predictive suggestion for typing on the basis of your typing habits.
13. Messaging got really great too. you can rename threads and remove people from conversations. you can put up a 'do not disturb' sign, or simply leave the conversation when you want. 
14. The enterprise feature is really cool. it allows VIP threads for which you will always get dedicated notification. 
15. The new Health feature in association with Mayo Clinic. It aims at allowing healthcare providers to receive and transmit reading data from checkups
16. you can set up a family as a unit and share app purchases, photos, calenders et al. You can locate one members device from another members device too. 
17. you can now talk to Siri without even touching the phone. 
18. They have added an explore tab, top trending searches, new editor’s choice logo for “the best apps”, app previews which will have short videos of the apps, and a beta test service called testflight! All of this will be available thru fall
19. Extensibility- it allows one app to extend and support another app! this is really cool. 
20. Third Party Keyboards will be compatible too!
21. HomeKit allows pairing of Siri with individual appliances, locks, lights, doors, camera et al. So if you tell siri to get ready for bed, the doors will get locked and the lights will dim down. 
22. Cloudkit takes care of all the iCloud stuff that app developers need. The CloudKit is free within limits. 1Pb assets, 10TB database, 5TB/day asset transfer, 50GB/day database transfer.
23. From SceneKit offerings like light sources, field forces, per-pixel physics and inverse kinematics, to further 3D rendering with ScreenKit, advanced game development just got easier!
24. A new programming language for iOS 8 called Swift was announced. from the looks of it, Swift allows real time running. really awesome!

So, that's that! WWDC 2014 has now gotten me wanting an iPhone and a Mac. so when and who are gifting these to me?