Sunday, July 6, 2014

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The Thinking Mind

There are times when I know
The only place God exists is my heart.
Its just like the times
When I finish exactly where I start.

Why then are the customs so demanding
Not obeying can be reprimanding.
Being a woman in any religion
Has never had any standing!

Was it God who created religion
Or religion that created a God?
Either way sometimes
It just seems like a big old fraud.

If faith is the answer
Fanaticism can't be the question
If its forced faith
Its only a form of oppression.

Then why do we choose such lives?
Why can't we create our own dream hives?
Why is life resting on the destiny of religion?
Why are women raped and their honor smidgen?

Maybe the answer is known to all
For this some hierarchy must fall.
But the male tales are tall
And the hope for revolution, small.

So think about the future and what you leave behind,
Some cruel rituals or humanitarian tales kind!