Saturday, May 31, 2014

Book review | The Almond Tree

I am an avid reader. But very rarely do I come across writing that takes time for me to digest. Being a one-sitting-reader, The almond Tree was a major exception to my regular reading style. Hence, it deserves a review.

The Almond Tree is the story of Jamal and his life. Beautifully weaving fact and fiction Corasanti has created, what I can call, a classic.

So many lessons to learn, this book is a gold mine of morals and episodes that take your breath away. Be it for the Ahmad Hamid's pain when his baby sister dies, or his intelligence or his passion to make ends meet when the time calls for it.

Michelle Cohen Corasanti's in depth knowledge of the subject is amply clear in the crystal writing and pleasing verbiage.

Not a book for the light readers, I would surely suggest those with an appetite for reading and a metabolism for thinking, to grab a copy and get reading stat!

Thank you, Michelle, for this book!