Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Travel Astrology for month of July

Travel isn’t just about picking up a bag and taking off. Though you can always bank on your luck and Karma, make it a point to check out these pointers before you plan your trips this month.

Aries, you are ready to take on the world at this time. The stars point toward some slight illness for you. So while you travel make sure you eat in a safe place and drink mineral water. Keep your first aid kit handy, though there isn’t that much for you to worry about!
Travelling to destinations in south India, particularly Kerala back waters seems to be good for you in this period. It will rejuvenate you and help boost your immunity!

 Taurus, travel on, but stay closer to the ground. You should avoid air travel in the month of July. Your stars clearly show that this period doesn’t bode well for you mid air. So, simply put, travel to destinations closer to home, by road.
Indulging in activities like paragliding, para-sailing, hot air balloon rides are a big no no as of now. If not for yourself, then steer clear for the sake of those with you. The harm is not much, but it will ruin your holiday mood. So plan accordingly.

My my Gemini, your jovial nature seems to be working well for you. Business meetings are on the cards. Wednesdays are lucky for you. So, journeys that begin on a Wednesday will bring about more profitable as well as satisfying results.
While I don’t need to remind you, make sure you indulge in activities of fun along with work. The Konkan region will be good for your inner traveler. Pack up for a couple of days!

Cancer, it does not surprise me that you simply wish you spend time at home this month. With the vacations done with and life coming back to routine, your stars show that your only travelling will be in your own thoughts and dreams.
Nontheless, some of you, due to your stars of ascent may need to take on some travel for different reasons. Stop worrying, and just enjoy the trip!
Shopping trips are on the cards for you, dear Leo. Not that you don’t make enough of them, but seems like you are going to loosen your purse strings this month in one of the countries’ mega cities. Might we suggest Ahmedabad? Best clothing and textile. Your keen eye will surely find something you like.
Wherever you travel this month, Leo, ensure that you carry the right first aid with you. While you like roaring away, you know that you are a little accident prone as well.

Dear Virgo, All I can say is that you need to head for a place that is full of culture this month. Your inner virgin needs to get back in touch with its routes. So, maybe a trip your native place would be a good idea.
The stars tell me that you want to indulge in some relaxation as well. Of course, pampering as always is on your mind. You can also try going to a small tourist spot like Mandvi in Gujarat. You can find a mix of culture and relaxation there.

The balancing Libran that you are, we are sure now is not the time you are planning a holiday. Yes, you are thinking of the rains, the weather, your health, and the plans for your children (if you have them) and the work balance with your spouse.
So, let me put you at ease, there seems to be no travelling in your month chart per se. But, as always, it depends on what you deem required at the time.

Yes, you are just packed up and ready to go, aren’t you Scorpio?
But check your bag, in your excitement, there seems to be a possibility of you forgetting something important. Every time you start off with your travel ensure you carry your documents and tickets properly. Keep your temper in check Scorpio, there seems to be travel quarrel in your stars this month. A trip to North India, like to Leh, would be a good idea for you.
Darling Sagittarius, as much as you would want to take off in this weather, there seems to be a leash on your stars. What is it that is holding you back?
Responsibilities seem to be taking precedence over your travelling wishes. If you can however, manage to twist and turn things to your favor, which we know you are very much capable of, select a destination with multiple options for your inner traveler. Goa, the casinos, beach, fish and market seem to be calling out to you.

Dear leader Capricorn, you seem to have a group trip on the cards for you. So maybe you could sign up for a good group trip somewhere. Whether the group is unknown, or full of your loved ones, that choice the stars leave for you to make.
We see international travel for your, Capricorn. So, maybe Dubai or Amsterdam will be good for the flamboyant you.

Oh Aquarius! You hate busses don’t you? But this month the stars point out to some bus travel for you. Albeit, it will be a comfortable one, so brace yourself. The traveler in you has been looking forward to stretch its legs for a while now. Finally, there seems to be the right opportunity for you.
We suggest travelling to a small place with lots of waterfalls. Don’t go to Lonavala, but Wai in Maharashtra may be best for the adventurer in you. With the green mountains and blue waterfalls, the stars suggest this is the best time for you to recharge yourself.

Sorry Pisces, it looks like the stars need you to stay put as of now in order to keep semblance of balance. So whether it is for the sake of the family, or some important project at work, looks like your bags are staying empty and out of the way this month.

Nonetheless, you can find some respite in travelling around your city. However, the stars suggest that you will have to do that for your responsibilities that you have.