Sunday, June 16, 2013

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Look Into My Father's Eyes

There was this song, that was titled My Father's Eyes. The concept of the song revolved around a son who does the right thing and feel better about it because he would then be able to look into his father's eyes.

Dads are very important. If mothers are the ones who's feet house heaven, fathers are the ones who shield us from hell's fury. Fathers are the reason why children can feel safe, they are the ones who teach children the morals about respect, how to handle authority and can be tough when the tougher lessons of life have to be taught. Not to make a mother's efforts seem any less valuable, because both parents, together, make an individual!

Here are a few lessons my dad taught me. They may even help you out.

  • Don't do something that will make you lower your head in shame in front of your parents.
  • Don't do something that will make your parents lower their heads in front of others.
  • As long as your parents give you consent, there is nothing in the world you cannot do. Don't worry about society, "I'll take care of it" he said!
  • Work because you want to give your best. Results are not in your hand, so don't let the tension of it bog you down.
  • Failure is temporary, don't be ashamed by it. So is success, so don't let it go to your head.
  • If you are learning something, learn it completely, so you can also teach it to others.
  • Money can buy comforts, but happiness can be found in challenges too. so don't run behind money. prioritize happiness and honor above it.
  • Fear only your deeds. For that is what will come back to you. the rest of the world reaps the fruits of their own deeds, leave that to them.
  • Punishment is in the hand of God, so if someone wrongs you, don't wrong them as punishment. Leave it to God and move on with your life.
  • Just because your parents are tough of you, doesn't mean they don't love you. Even gold has to go through fire to really shine!

These are the ten that I could word out best! He was a wise man, my father! I sorely miss him, but yes, I always make it a point to remember him with a smile, because that was what he always wanted to see me do! :)


Great Post Rashida! Keep up the good work... Love always

Very well expressed Rashida! A very heartwarming piece. I am sure your father is watching and blessing you from his place in peace.