Monday, May 14, 2012

Satyamev Jayate

So we were watching today's episode of Satyamev Jayate. It was focussing on child sex abuse, which happens to be amply present around us.

While we were watching it with a few family friends, one man said "at the age of 6 kids don't even understand what is right and wrong touching! How is this lady complaining about it?"

This question brings to light the first step to protecting your children from sex abuse. Make them aware of right and wrong touch. Make them aware of the fact that ABSOLUTELY ANYONE could do this. There have been cases of a parent indulging in such an act with the child. Unless and until children are not explicitly told that this can happen, and when it does they cannot keep quiet, they will continue to be in a constant vulnerability to it.

This said, even children who are aware of it happen to be victims to child sex abuse. However, these children spend lesser time being scared. They that what is happening is wrong and sooner than later stand up to it and say a stronger NO. These childer are aware that their parent will listen to them and have a lesser tendency to blame themselves!

Many people think that child sex abuse is something that has started happening nowadays. The times are bad, they say. Let me inform you that child sex abuse has been a fact since forever. The difference being that now people have the awareness and confidence to come out and talk about it. The benefits of rehabilitation to ensure that their lives are not constantly haunted by the ghosts of their abuse are present now. If anything, times are better now, I think!

It is absolutely imperative for people to know, understand and accept that child sex abuse exists. Till we don't ackowledge its presence, we will not be able to protect ourselves from it, or even work towards eradicating it!

Hats off to the Staymev Jayate team for thier attempt!
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u know, I hv a slightly different outlook to SMJ.. of course, i wrote tht piece after the dowry waala show... :)