Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bharat Bandh = Brain Bandh

Today is Bharat Bandh! Why? To protest against the petrol price hike. Yes, according to the "opposition party", burning vehicles of honest working-class Indians is the right way to protest the increase in the petrol price.

What nonsense! How on earth does reduction in productivity help the many tax payers. "Opposition" As politics calls it are opposing the ruling party, as well as the people. It is like going to a person and telling them "hey, that guys isn't screwing you enough, let me show you how well I can!" Bullshit, absolute bullshit!

Bharat bandh was a way in the Independence Struggle days to protest against the British Raj and cause them losses. It was a Gandhian way of silent protest. We were protesting against foreign rulers who were taking advantage of us.

Coming to today's scenario. We are, apparently, protesting leaders, selected by us, to run our country. We pay taxes, which are used to execute all the madness that these blasphemous bandhs entail. Moreso, we are not even the ones initiating it.

Hieghts of being raped by leaders. First, molest the common man's wallet by hiking the prices and causing mayhem. Then screw them some more by forcing them to not work for a day. How is it helping us?

Many people decided to forego the bandh and go in for work. But, would these people let them? No! People were being beaten, and forced to go back home and "protest"!

In a country like India, where population is our weakness, and a possible strength and poverty is an epidemic refusing to die out, denying people the earn their honest daily wages isn't a way to create a social movement. It paves the way for social evils. When will people understand this.

In Japan, a shoe factory was not paying their workers the kind of salary they deserved. In order to protest, the workers made just the left shoe. So, the company was stuck with a million left shoes, and in order correct the situation, the company had to comply and pay the workers.

The workers not only earned the wages for the protest period, rightfully, but also got the increase in salary they wanted.

Now, that is an intelligent way to protest!

I urge the government and the opposition: stop treating us like a wolleyball, else one day, we will land on your noses and render them bloody! Yeh dhamki nahi, chetavni hai!
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All is done by wrong Policies of Govt & due to habit of saving the Govt, now we are hopeless from all present political class,every one is same in politics the target is to get power & to be in power & personal wealth nothing else,We must think about another political option like Arvind Kesariwal for once