Sunday, May 13, 2012

Self-Induced Depression

Depression is probably THE MOST POPULAR psychological condition known these days. Infact, it is one of the best known alibis for lethargy and an absence from sticking to social norms. It is also a well-known "reason" for weight-gain, alcoholism and excessive smoking!

However, the fact remains that in the current social paradign, depression maybe caused initially by circumstances, but maintained further on by oneself. Here, I come to my concept of "Self-Induced Depression":

Yes, sounds harsh! Many may say that "how can you say that? You are saying the I am the reason why I am depressed?" Yes, that is exactly what I am saying!

It is very simple, now that depression is such a well-known, well-read about and much written about condition, shouldn't it be possible for people recognise it, acknoledge it and get over it? Yes, easier said than done! Which is exactly the reason why I say that more often than not, it is maintained by oneself!

How does it work?
Depression is a condition where in an individual is overwhelmed by the situations and circumstances and stops paying attention to their own well-being, gets chronically upset and is in a constant state of anxiety. Now, most of the times, people stay depressed for a while and then slowly start to move on. Along the process, other situations and circumstances distract them out of their depressed state.

Self induced cases of depression are where in an individual keeps thinking about the situation that depresses them. They keep going back to the same conversations, thoughts and discussions that maintain their state of depression! They find it convenient to be depressed, because it is an easy alibi for simply gliding along, rather than taking control.

How can this condition be solved?
People siffering from self-induced depression will mostly reject ideas that will make them happy and get them out of their depressed state.

The only way in which this condition can be solved is by constantly shaking the individual out of the depressive mood. They need to be distracted whenever they regress into thoughts and conversations that bring them back to states of depression! They will need to be made to laugh, joke around, and even openly express their anger to get it out of their system.

While the concept of Self-Induced Depression is still very much in the fetal stage, I aim at researching more about it, and hopefully helping people deal with it!
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Everything is in the mind. If anyone allows himself or herself to become depressed, then he or she also has the power within his or her mind to come out of it.