Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fan Reviewer Me!!

Ok, so my first ever fan review was written for a book that I really enjoyed reading. I wrote it for The Tossed Salad (click it to know more and read the full review).

Here is what the review goes like.

...Rashida's Verdict: An amazing, 'feel good', straight-out-of-Page-3 kind of book, and yet feels like a slice of your own life. Something any modern day Indian girl can relate to.
Rashida's Rating: 4.5/5
All in all, Radhika Kanetkar and her world filled with sexy Sameer, sensual Sushmita and the vivacious Veronica Kutty are fun to be a part of. If you are anything like me in the reading arena, you will be lost in Rad Kat’s world, only to be brought back to reality when you shut the book!... 
Well, there may be many people who disagree with me. But, for reviews, I believe, to each his own. So check out the book yourself and decide!! Cya people!!!