Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5:07 PM - 2 comments


So, I took the "That 70's Show Quiz" on Facebook. Now, I know it would seem lame to many, but I loved my result.

Wow you are Donna! You are a beautiful person with a sporty edge. Your not afraid to get down and dirty and roll around in the mud with the boys. Among your warm heart you have a spunky edge and are not afraid to say whats on your mind. Your never self concious because you know you are HOT! thus the nick name HOT DONNA! wether your the spunky red head, or the hot blonde you know that people worship the ground you walk on. Your heart belongs to the boy next door though, and that wedding dress is still hanging in the closest hoping to be used in your future wedding. OH and by the way, watch it when you play basketball, you might get pants and your granny panties might show!

So... ya... I am very happy with this result, and God knows, its true! So, I decided to share it with the people who read my blog as well. Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you didn't, its ok.. ho jaata hai kabhi kabhi!


yup.. Donna.. my tomboy... Mwaaahhh. Love you.

awwww.... love u too chica!!