Thursday, May 6, 2010

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25 Random Things About Me!

1.I am a kick boxing gold medalist, but i can not hit some one really hard unless m super pissed off.

2.If i hit someone... its cuz they mean a lot to me. I cannot hit someone i don't give a shit about (wierd na)

3.I am a total F.R.I.E.N.D.S freak. (have seen all 10 seasons n number of times and remember all dialogues)

4.I am very patriotic and socially inclined.

5.I am a hard core feminist. But i hate it when a man cant be a "man"!!!

6.I come up with new fundas about life at least once a week.

7.I am an awesome secret keeper. A secret told to me, will go to my grave with me.

8.I occasionally talk to my self. (i can never win an argument with my self)

9.I love to tease people and take their case. (only people i am comfi with)

10.I can not place an order at a restaurant... a menu is useless in my hands.

11.I am very very very hot tempered but have an ability to control it.

12.I was a total tom-boy as a kid. I used to walk like a boy and beat up boys in my society every day. (mom used to get complain calls from those boys' moms).

13.I talk a LOTTTT!!

14.I love philosophy, but cant stand reading it.

15.I love the concept of being in love.

16.I rocked at pool at the age of 12... now I suck at it.

17.I love dancing and I am an amazing actor.

18.I love detective TV shows and books.

19.Even though I have a lot of friends, I often feel alone.

20.I don't have a single fear.. (seriously)

21.My sister is the most important person in my life. I could die and kill for her.

22.I love danger and adventures.

23.I can give lecture and gyaan to absolutely any one. (I love doing it)

24.The only criminals who, I believe, are worth torturing to death are rapists. I believe they are lower than vermin!!!!!!!!

25. I love love love love chicken. I can eat one whole chicken in one sitting. (very un-ladylike.. but that's me)

If you know of any more random things about me that you may have come across, you are free to mention it in the comments!! Cheers!


at times she tends to talk in a very weird way.. as in removes a kid like voice and talks just to irritate..

hahaha... yes i do that..its fun!!