Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Men & Women

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus they say... sometimes it becomes difficult to believe that men and women are so distant... the understanding of things... reactions etc... very alike...

And sometimes... i feel that its impossible that v are even from the same galaxy... such a difference in emotions and reactive behavior.

Men always say that women are complicated... the mood swings.. the yap yap... aaah!!!! And women say that men are also very difficult to fathom... the anger.. the possessiveness... the abusing... aaah!!!!

I think its high time we all just admit to the fact that yes, men and women are poles apart... but v are not from two different planets... v live on the same ol' planet earth... so its high time v stop trying to change each other... and "simplify" things... v should just accept the fact that there are differences and deal with it!!!

Mood swings in women are ordinarily vey subtle.. however due to the lack of tolerance it gets aggravated easily.... so .. men... try being sweet to your ladies if u find them moody one fine day... treat them like princesses... just dont go over board...

Men are possessive and protective cuz the care.... Women... we mother our men as well... being our shields is just their way of telling us that they care... so next time your man is getting protective... accept it... n if u dont like it... still accept it... cuz u cant really help it!!!

We all feel the pinch of emotions... why then does everyone try to camouflage it... men... women.... telling your loved one wat you truly feel is not rude n neither is it gay... it will only lead to better understanding between the two of you... n the relief to your friends will be an added bonus...

I really dont know the reason for all the gyaan in this post... guess i just needed to dish it out one more time!!! hope it helped you as a reader... if it dint.. n u still need help... call me!!!



I don't feel that men and women are poles apart, it's situations which makes us feel so.
the best example for this is we try to impose our thoughts on each other and both the gender are having an attitude of taking up things as per convenience, we all have desires which are beyond our control, desires controls us rather than we controlling our desires, just imagine that both the gender want to listen pretty things about themselves isn't it? woun't you like some one complimenting you surely you will so will any other person..
Not only men are protective but women too are 'cause both cares each other. those emotions comes as per situations. men too have mood swings just like women..
I only want to say that emotions has nothing to do with gender, we humans made of different emotions and every emotions has its' own value...

what say...
do you agree?

No i dont agree... just because the intensity of the action is the same does not make the two sexes not different.... there is a vast difference in the direction of the intensity... its like both are standing... but looking in different directions... emotions are definitely not gender-specific... however... reaction to the emotion and the action that effects out the reactions are gender-specific... of course that is caused out of society norms... and there will obviously be exceptions the this... but the post was majorly based on the Law of Averages... u cant deny that it is true in most cases... exceptions do exist and there is no denying that... wat say!!