Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Unpredictability and me!!

The unpredictability of life is the beauty of life. Nonetheless, every one alsways speaks of why it is oh so important to plan. We have set boundaries for our feelings and a set behavioural pattern for situations. And then people complain that life is routine, mundane and boring. We choose to plan what we want, what we feel and how we react. I know life is a stage, but the beauty of it is that no one knows the script. Why then doesnt anyone improvise. And when one does, they are being "irresponsible" and "immature"

I beg to differ. I think maturity is not restrained to planning and seriousness. We plan out our whole lives and loose out on opprtunities to get surprised, we drive away any chance of getting swept off our feet by life. We miss out on times when the simplicity of life would give us a smile that could really go a mile.

We want to want certain things in life, and we behave in a way that we think is the set pattern to achieve it. Why dont we try taking a detour in this path of life... maybe miss a train... befriend a stranger... hitch hike....

Maybe I am wrong in some ones opinion, but i love thefact that even today, a slight compliment delights me, I find it mandatory to do a gud deed, I write what i truly feel. Yes, I maybe very different from a normal "mordern girl".... But you know what... i have just one goal in life... HAPPINESS... and i achieve it every day!!!!


Moments are unforgettable.......
Every moment is unbelievable
Every moment leaves an impact,
Every moment gives,
A reason to smile,
A question to ask and
A memory to cherish
live every moment,
as these short moments are more lively and happiest than any other day.
don't try to achieve happiness just live every moment and you will find urself spending a happiest day, everyday