Tuesday, September 9, 2008

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politics.... a very interesting topic... and subject... lekin... if the politics gets into our personal lives... it turns into a dirthy game... one which no1 can win... cuz to win this game u have to sacrifice a lot... and at the end u have won the game... but lost in life!!!

y do ppl bring politics into life... y cant they just live normally... happily... y interfere into things that firstly dont concern them... n secondly... they have no knowledge about??? i am not sayin that i have never done that... but after a point of time i realised that it was a useless waste of energy tryin to play mind-games in vain.. yes there are times ven mind-games are fun... at those times its completely positive and fun... i hate mind-games that are played jsut to cause a lil grief to another person....

they say women are better at personal politics and mind-games... i completely agree... its so true... but along with this power.. v also have the ability to choose.. which very conveniently v overlook... its pathetic how some women gather popularity with the help of theses nonsensical bullshit like mind-games... gurl-on-gurl crime!!!! for wat??? just an apparent upper-hand??

Ridiculous!!! Get a Life!!!


Babes whatever you wrote was so true!!!! Seriously man i feel girls who have no work like to discuss people and bitch about and spend time... Think they need to get a life. there are many more things they can do..