Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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What I would like to know

I would like to know this... have we lost all sense of humanity?

Dear media houses, why is it that negative news, news about assaults and brutality are shared more than that of hope, innovation and positivity? Yes, the bad news exists, but so does the good. Share the bad if you may but share the good with equal gusto!

Facebook and twitter are filled with links to news stories that work at spewing fear and restlessness in people. Where a woman is raped, a child is killed, a boy is brutally attacked. Yes, it is all happening and we do need to know about it. but can't it be written in a less glamorized way? The papers seem to be out to show us that the world is as horrible as it can get. Why, I know of a man who just helped a blind woman cross the street. I know an entrepreneur who is working selflessly in the social arena. I know children who went to school happy, came back safe and are now taking a peaceful nap! The world is not all the bad, you know!

I am not being naive or ignorant. Nor am I in denial. I know the crap that is happening in this world. But I refuse to be told about the bad alone. Tell me a few good things, share a few articles on hope. Share a few funny anecdotes on friendship. Hell, we need to have a few laughs now more than ever! so why not have positive news creating virals?

Love and positivity is going to change the world. So, dear media houses, why don't you'll catalyze that change? Stop assuming that bad sells. You are the sellers, sell good and people with buy it.

Do good, or go home!