Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Is Love

A discussion with a friend, the other day, got my wheels churning. It made me realise how misguided and delluded we can be about the concept of love.

It isnt our fault! Movies, novels and even fairytale have lead us to create a love bubble in our head. Here is how we imagine love.

"Love is this magical feeling that happens only once in life. You never know when it happens. When you fall in love, your every though, every decision is consumed by your lover. In love, there is no right or wrong. Love conquers all. If you truly love someone, they will surely, eventually, love you back! It is ok to let go of your self confidence for love. Love is all about the other person. When you love someone, it is ok to give everything up for them, loving them is more important than loving yourself!"

Isnt all this what we all have, practically, grown up percieving as love? Seems unfair, restrictive and a little impractical doesnt it? Who said that love has to be impractical. If it is something you have to live with, how can it make life so tough for you?

Now, i have been in love- the forever wala love. I have had crushes, infatuation and pure "what the hell?" attractions. From all those, and the incessant observation of my friends' experiences, here is what i conclude real, true love to be like.

"In love, you are almost best friends with your lover. You can speak about your dreams and aspirations, but have to hear out thiers too. Love doesnt conquer jealousy, infidelity or mistrust. So, in love, it is essential to communicate well. Love is something that has to be worked on everyday, like any other relationship. In love, you have the right to say no. In love, there are no compromises, only a few adjustments. In love, there HAS to be trust, else, you are wasting your time. In love, there is love. You need not prove it, show it or express it all the time. But make sure your do it every now and then. Lastly, love is not forever! People can fall out of love. So always ensure that your love is backed with respect and friendship, because they do last forever."

I know, i know! There are many who would disagree with me. Many who would claim that i havent understood love! But this is the love i believe in. This is the love i would like to live with.


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I agree, I also feel that we are sharing time and space within a relationship! Sometimes, we can equate love as a possession leads to unhappiness

Typo! Which leads to unhappiness