Saturday, April 28, 2012

She, The Woman

He was the one who made her want to change her self
He was the one to make her see
He was the one who made her think,
That "maybe, it isn't always about me".

He was the one who took her in rogue,
The one who showed her how pretty she could be
But he was also the one who took away
Her dignity, sanity and virginity.

He told her he would stay by her
Through thick and thin akin
But when the tough time came around the corner
He ran away, as far as can be.

Then one day, he saw her again
Finally healed and laughing cheerfully
Without a speck of shame he went up to her
And flashed a smile, full of audacity.

Blessed was she with composure and strength
She kept her grace and silence
And when he asked her how she had been,
She said "as fine as one can be".

But in the silence of the night,
She cried her tears of sorrow and pain
That night she made herself a vow
She promised "never will of consequence to me he will be".

Though she knew, that the scars will remain forever
That woman found her strength
She lived her life sans fears and tears
And found herself happiness, and said "yes, it is truly, just about me"

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