Monday, April 30, 2012

McDelivery- All Fart, No Shit!

Yesterday my semesteral exams saw a dramatic end. It was hot, we were all tired and basically, laziness prevailed.

So lazy we were that even getting dressed and going to a decent restaurant seemed like a great big task. Hence, we decided that we'd order in. Now, in Ahmedabad "ordering in" comes with painfully limited options. We selected the wrong one.

Niether one of us was interested in the vegetarian pizzas we get here, so we went for the only chicken option McDonalds.

We called JustDial and got the number for the nearest McDonalds. Little did we know that they actually gave us the number to the McDelivery service, which sort of makes sense.

After about 5 calls, it was finally answered "thank God", I thought. He then gave the typical unsurmisable jargoned introduction. I heard it out patiently. He then startted asking questions for "registering you madam", as he put it!

So he spent the next HALF AN HOUR of my life (that i have lost forever and am never getting back), asking me painstakingly irritating questions which i answered patiently. Then when the time came to take my order, the call (conveniently) got disconnected!

Friends, you can fathom the state of my sanity when i have to make the call again! Nonetheless, i did it. Aakhir pet ka savaal hai. When finally the call connected, another more irritation and weirdly accented costumer care exec was at the other end. Here are all the irritating mistakes he made.

1. He answered the call saying "Yes?"! What are you, a CEO?
2. When confirming the caller name, he said "MISTER Rashida". Heylo, gender perception problem much?
3. After the first item in my order (which is not a cheese item) he asked "with cheese without cheese?" Like, whatever!
4. I ordered a Big Spicy Chicken Wrap. He said "Chicken Wrap Paneer ma'am?" Ummm, i didn't even know how to react!
5. After placing the order, with crazy difficulty i asked him how long the order would take. He said "about ONE HOUR ma'am". Whaat? It was already 10pm.

In the end, we canceled the order, went to a McD outlet, and ate there instead!

So yes! In the end, I would sincerely ask McDonalds to work at thier customer care execs, they are useless, annoying and all other adjectives in the area!
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most of the home delivery service in Ahmadabad are very pathetic... it's always better to either bring the parcel yourself or eat at their premises.