Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How To Lie

Yes, I know lying is a sin. But everyone still does it. The way I see it, if  your going to sin, you might as well sin right!

Lying has always been, to me, more of an art as compared to an act. There are a lot of intricacies and details to lying. It is not just about saying that which isn't true. A successful lie is one that makes the other person believe that it is true.

Over the years, i have gone from being an unsuccessful lier, to a compulsive and successful lier, to (now) a person who despises lying and lies. I still respect the art, its just that I don't perform anymore.

Following are a few tips on How to Lie

1. Details: As is most popular about lying, the success of a lie depends on its details. Why? Did you know that a well detailed and understood lie, said in the calmest of tones, without fear, can even fool a lie detector? Thats right. My intensive research has taught me that having, knowing the believing the details of the lie can make one say it as a truth. Hence, even if your are cross questioned, you will not be baffled.

2. Tonation: When lying, it is normal for people to get a little nervous and, hence, for thier voice tone to rise. A successful lie is one that is spoken with normalcy. One will not speak loudly when answering truthfully. So avoid doing it when lying. You will be more believable.

3. Body language: Like in poker, even in lying, everyone has a tell. It is important to make sure you don't do anything out of the ordinary when lying. For example, dont scratch your head, our rub your hands together. In front of the right person, you will be caught in no time.

4. Dont Lie for Others: This is ESSENTIAL. The simple rule is that when one lies for you, they will lie to you. Like the devil, a lie is best believed to not exist. If you lie for others, they will know that you can. If they know you can, they will always have it at the back of thier minds. Be selfish. Lie only for yourself.

These "Famous Four" tips to lying, when mastered can help you get out of sticky situations when needed. However, remember that even the most cleanly said and successful lie will eventually come out. Thats just how it works. So avoid lying. If someone trusts you, honour that trust. These tips can also help you catch a lie, so keep them in mind. Lastly, lies are more hurtful than the truth, so don't resort to lies. Lies always have to be remembered, whereas the truth doesn't.

Be good!