Friday, July 27, 2012

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Maybe Darwin Really Understood God

A recent conversation about religion and why Darwin's theory differs so much from it, has inspired this post. You see, sometimes the audience to my conversations cannot really follow my logic, and so, in a hope to find some good readers here, I post it up.

Darwin said that we have evolved from apes. That is not all he said, Darwin's theory of Evolution was far more complex and vast, but this is the crux of it, that matters to us humans, and our "where did we come from" question.

Religion (Islam and Christianity in particular, because these two faiths are in majority the world over) states that God created the Earth, the sun, the moon, the plants, the birds, the animals, and lastly, Adam and Eve. It was when Adam and Eve broke the rule of the Garden of Eden, were they sent down to earth, as a punishment. It was also to propound the word of God.

Now, Darwinism and Religion don't really agree, do they. While Darwin says that humans are a result of evolution due to circumstances, religion states, that it was God who created humans, gave them the power to talk and think, and made them the medium for His word.

Both points are valid for those who chose to believe in them. Certain people who are more faith-inclined will say that it makes sense that everything was done by God. Those who believe and see evolution through findings, science, etc would say that Darwin was spot on.

But why do the two really have to be at logger heads. May be, the propounder of the faiths made the point, but no one got it, and now people are just blindly sticking to a line that they drew as per their narrow-minded understanding.

Here is how we can put both the beliefs in a single statement.

Darwinists believe that we (humans) have evolved from other, simple animals. This happened over millions of years due to change in environment, increase in intelligence and of course, that fact that the universe never stays constant. Believers believe that God created Humans on the 6th day, after he created all the other elements.

What is to say that while the sayings go that on each day God created one, the definition of "day" need not necessarily be the typical 24hours. what if "day" really means millions of years? What if the reason why each was created after the other could have something to do with the fact that each resulted in the need and creation of the other? Makes sense to you? You see, because He is God, he need not have gone in the order. He could have simply created it all together, BAM... all done. But no! He went in the order, and first created animals, which I am sure included apes, and then came Humans.

Then slowly, comes the ability in them to think, to question rules and to be self-willing. that is when believers say Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden. But think about it, it is our ability to think that has pretty much destroyed nature. The earth of once the Garden of Eden, and we have ourselves, banished ourselves from it, by changing it so drastically.

So you see, it is not necessary that it needs to be either Darwin or God. Maybe, Darwin simply saw method in what God did, while others closed their minds and went literally about things. May be it doesn't have to be either or, may be it is really both.

We need to know that following a faith should be informed, educated and questioned. That is when it is good for the individual and the society. Fixed following only leads to dogma, not a progressive society.