Thursday, September 4, 2008

4:33 PM - 4 comments


love is a 4 letter word,

which for some reason i was never inclined toward,

then all of a sudden, i dont know y

even the mention of his name got me shy,

was this love,

i think so,

not just think,

i know so.

But then out of the blue,

i didnt find him near,

and for the first time,

my heart felt fear,

now, he is gone,

the light in my heart is dim,

that was once brightly shone,

will he i wonder ever come back?

to refill the joy, that i now lack?

The answer to this question, i know not,

Will i ever love some one the same, i know not.

for all i know for sure,

is that love comes with pain,

and i dont know, if i can ever love again.


don't rhyme words ever, go with the flow...beautiful post..cheers

trust me... the flow was with the rhyme!!! wer'v u 'Ctrl C..Ctrl V'd frm ehh?? ;)